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Having years of team expertise formed to gather, RAPIDIon focuses on developing processes for high purity water applications for Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Biotech, Food & beverages, and bottled water applications.

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Treatment of water is our business.

Our core focus is on developing technology for high purity water applications for Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Biotech, Food & beverages, and bottled water applications.

As our key strength, we offer wide-ranging solutions for Pharmaceuticals & Life sciences like Purified Water Generation, Storage and Distribution System, WFI Generation storage & Distribution, PSG Generation & distribution with onsite validation support.

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Water Treatment

ONE point solution for your water treatment

Technical Solutions

Suitable standard & customised technical solutions with utmost combination of capital investment – operational sustainability

Engineering Services

Value added engineering services including 3rd party inspections & validations

24X7 Support

“ROUND THE CLOCK” services on any business subjects.


Turnkey for Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages

We offer a complete turnkey solution of water treatment under one roof to make the project execution easier. We deliver it professionally with our team expertise. Rapidion has developed a system for qualification and documentation, which complies with the requirements of various regulatory bodies.

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Technologies and Products

  • 01. RAPIDPureG

    Designed to achieve the highest water quality.

  • 02. RAPID storage & distribution system

    A solution for the distribution & quality monitoring of pure water.

  • 03. RAPID Ultra

    The ideal cost-effective method for the reduction of SDI.

  • 04. RAPID Pro

    Treats water with dissolved minerals and metals.

  • 05. Chemicals

    Variety of chemicals that treat the water in the safest way.


With RAPIDpureG purified water generation system , you choose the fastest and safest way for ultrapure water production. It is specially designed to achieve the highest water quality with the lowest conductivity as well as an excellent microbiological safety.

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RAPID storage & distribution system

Compact system for the distribution, sanitization & monitoring of purified water, highly purified water & WFI.

RAPIDion water offers a solution for the distribution, sanitization & quality monitoring of pure water. The rack-mounted system is a space- managing & reliable alternative to conventional stand-alone units & combines the following process components.

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Most waters contain colloidal particles, organics and fine suspended solids resulting in high SDI (silt density index) which is harmful to downstream water treatment processes.

Ultrafiltration is the ideal cost-effective method for reduction of SDI and Colloidal silica. RAPID ULTRA comes in flow rates up to 200 m3/hrs as standard units.

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Reverse Osmosis successfully treats water with dissolved minerals and metals such as aluminium, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chloride, chromium, copper, fluoride, magnesium, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nitrate, selenium, silver, sulphate, and zinc with the recovery of 85-90%.

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We keep your system it up-n-running with our accurate blend of chemicals. We understand your process and requirement to offer you consumables & chemicals with best of the quality with consistency.

We offer you training services to establish our supply in your system. Certification of analysis & Material safety data sheet (MSDS) is always part of our supply of consumables & chemicals.

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Food & Beverage



We are committed to growth

It has always been challenging to treat the water as the natural resource is limited and standards of quality requirements go high-n-high. Treating water still comes as new challenge on daily basis even after my 20 plus years of professional experience in the field.

As a front leader, I always experience the fascination about the subject of water treatment and so my team. I assure you, we are committed to growth for both RAPIDion as well YOU.

Shailesh WankhedeCompany Director


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